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Quality management system

The AERES develops its activity pursuant to the law founding it and decrees organising it, in accordance with its principles of scientific and technical competence, independence and transparency.

The AERES is tasked with:
  • evaluating research organisations and institutions, research and higher education institutions, scientific cooperation foundations and institutions and the French National Research Agency as regards all of their missions and activities
  • evaluating the research activities conducted by the research units of the aforementioned institutions and organisations
  • evaluating the programmes and degrees of higher education institutions
  • validating the procedures for evaluating the staff of the aforementioned institutions and research organisations and passing judgement on the conditions under which said procedures are carried out.
The fundamental principles intended to guarantee high-quality evaluation of higher education and research are defined in the AERES evaluation charter as follows:
  • the principles of an impartial and objective evaluation based on the competence of evaluators, collective responsibility of evaluations and absence of conflict or proximity of interests between the evaluators and evaluated parties
  • the principles of ethics concerning respect for people and institutions based on dialogue and transparency
  • the principle of effectiveness based on consistent procedures, the adaptation of methods to the objectives and specifics of the different fields of intervention and on periodic evaluation.

This charter is made publicly available.

The AERES considers that the quality of its evaluations is key for ensuring its credibility and earning it the trust of higher education institutions, research organisations, public authorities, students and all stakeholders.

The AERES applies the "Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area" adopted in Bergen in 2005 by the ministers of higher education of the Bologna Process member states.

In this context, the AERES undertakes to:

  • implement quality assurance based on the process approach and adapted to the end goals of the Agency’s action throughout its various departments and activities
  • give it the necessary resources
  • provide a lasting framework for setting and reviewing its quality objectives, evaluating their fitness to meet the requirements of the various stakeholders and making the necessary changes and improvements
  • continuously improve the effectiveness of its methods and procedures.

This quality policy declaration is submitted by the Management to the Agency Board and made publicly available.

The quality policy set by the management is also sent to all of its staff. Everyone’s adherence to this continuous improvement process is a major aspect of the Agency’s quality management system.