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Website organisation

The website comprises five main sections that can be accessed at the top of the screen.

Agency: presentation of the AERES, its missions, principles and values, how it is organised and its know-how.

Evaluation: description of the Agency’s core activity: what does an evaluation entail, organising evaluation campaigns, organising reports and the processes and methods per type of evaluation (institutions, research units, programmes and degrees).

Publications: documentary library gathering all of the documents that can be consulted in the sections of the website.

News: chronological archiving of news published on the website.

Recruitment: summary of the profile types for a recruitment by the Agency and provision of an online application form for applying to a current vacancy (online job description) or for sending a speculative application.

Targeted accesses have also been created for our main stakeholders: evaluated institutions & decision-makers, experts, students, the press and local authorities & businesses. Through shortcuts to pages within the website, these dedicated sections offer customised access to information that is likely to interest them. In the press section, all of the press releases and packs are available and can be downloaded.

Browsing and online services

The AERES website has been designed to give you a set of specific functions for easily browsing between pages and finding the information provided as clearly as possible.

The website has been developed so that the information can be read clearly and in full in all types of browser, including text-based and/or voice browsers, Braille displays, etc.

Main menu

Situated at the top of the screen, this gives access to all of the sections and sub-sections on the website. When Web users click on one of the five main sections, the associated sub-sections appear in a sub-menu underneath.

Site map

This gives an overview of all of the sections and sub-sections on the website. It is available via a link in the bottom left-hand corner of each page.

Breadcrumb trail

Located just below the main menu on each page of the website, this keeps track of the Web user’s browsing from the home page so that he or she knows where he or she is in the website and can quickly return to a previous stage.

Bottom of page

Located right at the bottom of the screen on each page of the website, this gives you access to the site map, the legal notices and contacts.

Geolocated interactive map

This service allows you to search for the evaluation reports of a particular institution/research organisation by geographical criterion.

Search engines

The website lets you search through all of its contents or carry out an advanced search for evaluation reports.

Document basket

This function will let you collect a series of documents in a row. This selection can then be saved digitally in a single operation.

Plug-ins can be downloaded free of charge: Adobe Reader (version 7 or above)

RSS feeds

Web users can select the information threads of interest to them in the website (e.g. news) to receive updates of this information in the RSS reader of their choice in real time.

The options “print” and “send by email are available on the website.


The AERES website is accessible to the disabled (blind users, the sight-impaired and people with motor disabilities) and more widely to all Web users.

It complies with the accessibility standards drawn up by the World Accessibility Initiative ("WAI") of the World Wide Web Consortium or "W3C" (high regulatory authority for the Internet), as well as numerous regulations enforced by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 1.0).

This website conforms to XHTML 1.0
It uses a valid CSS sheet (CSS level 2.1).

Keyboard shortcuts

You can use a series of keyboard shortcuts on our website to access some of the functions easily.

Here is how you do them depending on the type of browser:

  • Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox on Windows: Simultaneously press "Shift" + "Alt" + "Letter indicated".
  • Internet Explorer 6 on Windows: Simultaneously press "Alt" + "Letter indicated" + "Enter".
  • Opera 7 on Windows, Macintosh and Linux: "Esc" + "Shift" + "Letter indicated".
  • Internet Explorer on Macintosh: "Ctrl" + "Letter indicated" + "Enter".
  • Safari 1.2 on Macintosh: "Ctrl" + "Letter indicated".
  • Mozilla and Netscape on Macintosh: "Ctrl" + "Letter indicated".
  • Galeon, Mozilla and FireFox on Linux: "Alt" + "Letter indicated".
  • Konqueror 3.3+: "Ctrl" + "Letter indicated".
  • Netscape 4, Camino, Galeon, Konqueror before version 3.3.0, Omniweb, Safari before version 1.2 and Opera Windows/Linux before version 7: keyboard shortcuts cannot be used.

Here is the list of keyboard shortcuts available on the website:

  • Quick access to the home page with the shortcut "a".
  • Quick access to the Site Map with the shortcut "p".
  • Quick access to the Help page with the shortcut "h".
  • Quick access to the Contact page with the shortcut "c".
  • Quick access to the top of the page with the shortcut "t".

Multimedia animations and videos

To watch the multimedia animations and videos, you are recommended to download the following free plug-ins (plug-in: supplementary program that extends the capabilities of a browser):
Macromedia Flash Player (version 10).

Happy browsing!