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Local authorities & businesses

The AERES gives local authorities and businesses the chance to find out more about the services and skills of research and higher education structures in France, particularly in their regional environment. Some 2,000 recent evaluations are thus available and easily accessible on this website.

Three ways to find a report:

Carte interactive de recherche des rapports d'évaluation

You can find a report in three ways:

  • By geographical location, using an interactive geolocation map
  • According to a list of institutions/organisations that have already been evaluated
  • According to an advanced search using the following criteria: key word (e.g.: discipline); type of evaluation; regional education authority; year of AERES campaign and contractual group concerned.


Choose the evaluation report you need:

The AERES publishes five types of report:

  • Institution report
  • Research unit (laboratory) report
  • Bachelor’s degree report
  • Master’s degree report
  • Doctoral schools’ report


There is a contact form available online if you would like to receive any information about the Agency and its evaluations or its website.