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  • 2012 Activity Report

    Publication of the AERES 2012 Activity Report

  • Evaluation DNSEP

    The AERES is publishing the reports on the third group of art schools.

  • Reports: access by list of evaluated institutions/organisations

    Reports by AERES : Access by list of evaluated institutions /organisations

  • Study reports

    Study reports : acces to study reports by AERES, French evaluation Agency of Higher Education and Research organisations, publications

  • DNSEP Evaluation

    The AERES is publishing the reports of art schools from the fourth group.

  • Students

    Students: Available in full on this website, the AERES’ evaluation reports provide students with additional guidance by painting them a fuller picture of the range of programmes and research on offer at each institution.

  • Feedback on the evaluation of institutions 2011-2012 (group C)

    The AERES is publishing a report of the feedback on the evaluations of institutions in the 2011-2012 evaluation campaign (group C).

  • Institutional documents

    Publications and Institutional documents: Discover institutional documents, reports, strategy, organisation chart of AERES,French independent evaluation agency

  • Local authorities & businesses

    Local authorities & businesses: The AERES gives local authorities and businesses the chance to find out more about the services and skills of research and higher education structures in France, particularly in their regional environment

  • INRA and CEA evaluation reports

    On 20 January 2010, Jean-François Dhainaut, AERES President, submitted the evaluation reports of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) and French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) to the Minister Valérie Pécresse.

Search for "Report" returned 45 matches 1 2 3 4 5 Next >