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Post-evaluation stages

Writing the evaluation report

At the end of the visit, the committee writes up a summary of the evaluation. This takes account of the various criteria to be considered depending on the type of research (basic, applied, targeted) conducted by the body and the missions with which its supervising institutions have entrusted it. This summary is used to write a first draft of the report without being presented to the research body. The expert committee chairperson then organises the writing of the report, the first draft of which is immediately entered into the AERES' electronic document management software (GED). The report reflects the collective view of the committee members.

The chairperson is entitled to amend this first draft in liaison with the experts during a period not exceeding two weeks following the visit to the research body. This draft report is then validated by the scientific delegate. It will then be read through twice for harmonisation purposes by the department for the evaluation of research units before being sent to the research body, via its supervising body, for comments.

Feedback and grading meetings

Following all of the visits, feedback and grading meetings are organised at AERES by subject-based panel. The expert committee chairpeople (or their representative if the chairperson is unable to attend) of the panel's research bodies shall attend each meeting along with the AERES scientific delegates concerned.

Each meeting is chaired by the corresponding coordinating scientific delegate or his/her representative. The participants shall have all of the panel's research bodies' reports to hand prior to the meeting.

Dissemination of the report

Several processing stages are necessary.

Before the report is disseminated, any factual errors within it that may have been reported are corrected. Comments from the evaluated research body or supervising institutions are added to it. This evaluation report is then signed by the head of the department for the evaluation of research units and by the AERES President, before being uploaded to the Agency's website.