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Visit to research body

An approach based on respect for people

The expert committee members analyse the research body's evaluation application and prepare the interviews that will be held on the basis of the template suggested for the evaluation report.

The on-site visit begins with a meeting between the experts to work out the details of the visit and determine the role of each participant. The expert committee chairman makes sure that the visit takes place correctly according to the schedule after consulting with the research body director, and oversees all discussions.

A discussion behind closed doors between the expert committee members concludes the interviews. The AERES representative attends the closed-door session without participating in the core evaluations; the supervising ministry representatives do not attend.

What a visit entails

A visit schedule typically entails:

  • an open-session meeting with the research body director, attended by some or all of his/her management team. Presentation of the research body's activity should take no longer than an hour. Instead of painting an exhaustive picture, it shall highlight the most striking scientific facts and/or significant developments in the body's positioning (changes in thematic direction, etc.);
  • an on-site meeting with the research teams. If justified by the number of teams, the expert committee may split up in order to devote enough time to each team;
  • a meeting with the technical teams when justified by their role;
  • a meeting with the research body board and/or staff representatives and with doctoral students (these meetings are held behind closed doors with the committee);
  • the expert committee may interview anyone it deems useful and asks the opinion of the supervising ministries present.