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Legal notices


French Evaluation Agency for Research and Higher Education

Address: 20 rue Vivienne 75002 Paris FRANCE

Publication Director: Didier HOUSSIN, AERES President

Personal data processing and protection

The team of the website pays particular attention to compliance with the legal obligations of any website publisher and follows the recommendations of the Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés - CNIL (French Data Protection Authority ) and of the Agence pour le développement de l'administration électronique - ADAE (French Agency for the Development of e-Government).

Compliance with the laws in force

The website respects the Web user’s privacy and strictly conforms to the current laws on the protection of privacy and individual liberties. No personal information is collected without the Web user knowing. No personal information is transferred to a third party. Emails, email addresses or other nominative information that this website receives are not exploited in any way and are kept only for as long as their processing requires.

Web users’ right: right of access and rectification

Pursuant to the provisions of French Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties, Web users are entitled to access, amend, correct and delete personal data. Said right shall be exercised by post, with proof of identity, to the following address:

Agence d’évaluation de la recherche et de l’enseignement supérieur
Address: 20 rue Vivienne 75002 Paris FRANCE

Statistical data: traceability and profiling

While browsing on the website, Web users leave digital traces. This set of information is gathered using a cookie which does not contain any personal information, however.

For the purposes of improving ergonomics, browsing within the website, the editorial content and service provided to Web users, the statistics management tool of the website stores information on the profile of Web users: equipment, browser used, geographical origin of enquiries, date and time of connection, browsing on the website, frequency of visits, etc. This connection data is used for statistical extractions and kept for one year.

All Web users may disable cookies by amending the browsing settings of their computer, which do or do not authorise cookies. You can refuse them or disable them without the slightest impact on your access to the website pages. To disable them or be warned before accepting cookies, we recommend you read the Help section of your browser which will tell you the procedure to follow.

Hosting service providers

The policy of the website is in accordance with French Law no. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 for confidence in the digital economy.

Hosting service providers:

Atos Worldline 18, avenue d’Alsace 92400 Courbevoie FRANCE Tel.: +33 (0)1 49 00 90 00

Copyright and reproduction rights

Since the publication of French Order no. 2005-650 of 6 June 2005 on the freedom to access administrative documents and reuse publication information, said information may be reused for other purposes than those for which it was produced, particularly information subject to public distribution. Public or official documents are not covered by any copyright and can therefore be reproduced freely. The graphics, iconography and editorial content remain State property and, in this regard, are subject to the protection provided for by the French Intellectual Property Code.

Article L.122-5 of the French Intellectual Property Code lays down the principle that, "when the work has been divulged, the author may not prohibit its distribution – even in full – through the media or broadcasting, for the purposes of news, public speeches delivered in political assemblies (...), and public political meetings and official ceremonies".

If the partial or complete reuse of said content is authorised, it must be accompanied with an indication of the author’s name, the source and possibly a link to the original document on the website. The indication "© - AERES." must therefore be given. All other content on the website is covered by copyright. Any reuse is therefore subject to the author’s agreement pursuant to article L.122-4 of the French Intellectual Property Code.

The information used must only be done so for personal, associative or professional purposes. Any distribution or use for commercial or advertising purposes is prohibited.

Authorisation application to reproduce content

Any partial or complete copy in paper or electronic format of the pages from the website must be declared to the AERES. Authorisation applications to reproduce content must be sent to the site editor, at:

  • Agence d’évaluation de la recherche et de l’enseignement supérieur: 20 rue Vivienne, 75002, Paris, FRANCE

The application must specify the content in question as well as the publication or website in which it will feature. Once said authorisation has been obtained, reproduction of said content must comply with the following principles:

  • free distribution
  • compliance with the integrity of documents reproduced (no amendment or alteration of any sort)
  • compulsory wording: "© - AERES – rights reserved". Said indication shall lead directly to the content through a hypertext link
  • insertion of an icon representing the website

Creation of links to the website

The website allows for the insertion of hypertext links to its pages, without prior authorisation, provided that:

  • the technique of deep linking is not used, i.e. the pages of the website must not be fitted inside the pages of another website, but rather be displayed by the opening of a separate window.
  • the source is mentioned, leading directly to the content in question through a hypertext link.

Liability as regards links to other websites

The website contains countless links to other websites, mainly official websites (government, institutions, public bodies, etc.), as well as to French and foreign websites of associations, professional organisations in the research and higher education sector or partner businesses in one-off operations.

Each time, the website to which we suggest you go is systematically specified. Said pages, whose addresses are checked on a regular basis, are not part of the website they do not involve the liability of the website editors, who cannot be held liable for the contents to which said links lead. They merely intend to give the Web user easier access to other documentary resources on the subject consulted.

Use of the French language, validity and free distribution of information

The policy of the website is in accordance with French Law no. 94-665 of 4 August 1994 on use of the French language, which requires that pages be written in French. Indeed, the use of French terms is demanded on all of the official websites of the French State, its departments and administrations.

Site accessibility

Particular care is taken to make the website of the French Evaluation Agency for Research and Higher Education as accessible as possible, especially to sight-impaired users. The pages are gradually being brought into line with the recommendations of the common standard on accessibility criteria of French governmental websites pursuant to French Law no. 2005-102 of 11 February 2005 for equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of the disabled.


You can contact us to ask for general information about the AERES, tell us what you think of the website or report any difficulties using the online: