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National conference of the Association of Lebanese Universities

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On 29 and 30 April 2011, the Association of Lebanese Universities organised a national conference on the fundamental issues linked to setting up an integrated quality assurance system for higher education in Lebanon, in partnership with the national TEMPUS bureau (a European Commission programme which supports the modernisation of higher education and creates a space for cooperation in the countries surrounding the EU) and with the support of the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

The conference aimed to exchange knowledge on institutional and national quality assurance mechanisms, as well as the quality of institutions, training programmes and research units. Contributing on the latter point, Jean-Marc Geib, the AERES coordinating delegate, first presented the missions and organisation of the AERES and then the evaluation of research units, which the agency is simultaneously responsible for (evaluation/scoring) along with the evaluated institutions (self-evaluation), within the framework of continuous improvement of quality in research and higher education in France.