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Available in full on this website, the AERES’ evaluation reports provide students with additional guidance by painting them a fuller picture of the range of programmes and research on offer at each institution.

Three ways to find a report:


You can find a report in three ways:

  • By geographical location, using an interactive geolocation map
  • According to a list of institutions/research organisations that have already been evaluated
  • According to an advanced search using the following criteria: key word (e.g.: discipline); type of evaluation; regional education authority; year of AERES campaign and contractual group concerned.


Choose the evaluation report you need:

The AERES publishes five types of report:

  • Institution report
  • Research unit (laboratory) report
  • Bachelor’s degree report
  • Master’s degree report
  • Doctoral schools’ report



There is a contact form available online if you would like to receive any information about the Agency and its evaluations or its website.