Evaluation process

Evaluation stages

The evaluation of a research unit comprises several stages: preparation, visit and post-evaluation stages.

The process is as follows:

  • declaration by the institution of which units are to be evaluated
  • dispatch by the supervising bodies of their specific questions
  • submission of “common applications” and communication of these dossiers to the experts
  • expert committee visit and writing of the draft report
  • validation of the report by the AERES
  • dispatch of the report on the research unit to institutions and research organisations for comments prior to the scoring meeting
  • scoring meeting
  • communication of reports and scores to the institutions and their supervising body(ies)
  • publication of the reports (with comments attached) and scores on the AERES website

Reference documents

Documents to be completed by the evaluated unit and put in the “common application”
  • Scientific results
  • Results form
  • Scientific plan
  • Plan form
  • Individual activity sheets
Methodological documents