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Human and Social Science publications (lists of reviews)

For many Human and Social Science disciplines, books are still the most common form of scientific publication. At the same time, the increase in reviews is now an essential, ongoing tool for management and distribution in the world of research.

The worldwide profusion of periodicals illustrates not just the growth in the international community of researchers but also a profound change in the way research findings are being published. Multidisciplinary approaches dominate the intellectual landscape today and logically, many researchers publish in reviews addressing other disciplines than their own. Experts evaluating research units can no longer hope to know every single periodical in which publications have featured. The AERES has therefore decided to provide them with a list of those reviews which, by discipline or field, play a key role in disseminating research findings nationwide and above worldwide.

Disciplinary commissions bringing together representatives of departments from the French National Committee of Scientific Research (CoNRS) and French Universities Board (CNU), members of the University Institute of France (IUF), foreign qualified persons and AERES scientific delegates were set up in 2008. These led to the first lists being drawn up and published on the AERES website. The lists have since been updated based on the level of international reach, organisation and practices of the milieus of each discipline. The commissions have sought to meet the requests of some periodicals, recent or non-selected, as well as take online reviews into consideration. They have been able to reach a consensus reflected by the new lists published below. The longest define a scientific scope with no classification. Others – corresponding to disciplines in which the international bibliographies have, for the most part, been accepted by the scientific community – propose an initial ranking.

These lists are not a restricting framework, and the quality assessment of publications by experts is still the crucial aspect of evaluation. The commissions’ regular work will result in annual revisions.

Lists per disciplinary field: