Scoring of research units

In addition to the report which highlights the strengths and weaknesses of a research unit, the AERES gives a series of scores on the basis of a multi-criteria analysis ranging from A+ for the best to C. These scores are given collectively by panels on which all expert committee chairmen sit per disciplinary sub-assembly. To find out more: download the detailed scoring procedure.

Breakdown of research unit scores (Group D 2010-2013)

It should be pointed out that these scores are only understood within the context of the discipline to which the units belong. Since each disciplinary community gives a score depending on its culture and specific features, it is not appropriate to compare disciplines. Accordingly, for a clearer understanding of what the score attributed to each unit means, distribution curves have been drawn up for the scores attributed to each criterion and for the overall score in the main disciplinary fields (HS, LS and HSS) as well as for each speciality corresponding to a scoring panel.

Moreover, the scores may contribute to zone-based studies at institution level or according to disciplinary themes. On the other hand, comparisons between groups are not pertinent since specialities are not spread uniformly across the country.

The table below presents the breakdown of group D scores for all disciplines:

Répartition des notes globales unités de recherche vague D